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  1. Mckaylen Calhoone

    Mar 05, 2020

    First off I seen this place on craigslist. I seen the car that I actually wanted on their website. Kept looking at the car like hmm this is a great price car $5400. I called the owner, he told me to fill out an online application asked how much I could put down and called back a few minutes later and told me I could come get the car. I caught two trains and 1 long bus ride to get my car. $2500 down with $2900 left til I own the vehicle. This was perfect. THE BEST PART. It only took 20-30 minutes for me to get this car. Love this place. I would recommend over and over as well might come back to get my brother a car. PLACE IS GREAT. As well I bought my car in Jan 2020. I waited a few months before writing this review to make sure the car wasn't junk. IT ISN'T junk.

  2. Rivka Raphaelson

    Mar 04, 2020

    Ray was very helpful and accommodating. He let me take the car on a long test drive including highway to see how it ran at all speeds. He willingly fixed several issues with the car for no added cost. I was most impressed with his no pressure attitude. A rare find.

  3. Ulysses Hagins

    Jan 30, 2020

    Very pleased with my deal I received on my 2008 Honda Accord,the staff was friendly and helpful. Also, The owner Ray worked with me And was honest he helped to get my daughter and I the transportation we needed...I highly recommend looking here for your transportation needs very pleased..

  4. Marie W.

    Dec 29, 2019

    Just recently bought a car for our 16 year old daughter from Ray.  Honest guy.  Happy with our purchase and plan to buy another car from him again when our youngest is of driving age.  Thanks, Ray.

  5. jacob sasson

    Dec 23, 2019

    Best place and I mean BEST place to buy a car! I'm a new driver with no credit and ray was able to help me get my first car which is a 2009 toyota avalon. So far been driving for 4 months and no problems what so ever. Hes also always been professional on and off the phone. Dont be discouraged by other bad reviews on here because common sense doesnt run to far it seems lol. But anyway definetly reccomend going here I thought I would never get a car and I was lucky enough to stumble upon this place.

  6. Blunted V.

    Sep 06, 2019

    Huge fan of Canoga Imports and Ray. He was able to help me after being turned down buy other companys. Not only is he extremely professional he is also a straight shooter. No sales tactic just tells it like it is. Extremely happy with my new car and plan on sending everyone I know to Canoga Imports. Thanks Ray

  7. C L.

    Apr 27, 2019

    Ray, the  owner  of the lot, was  not  only  professional and  knowledgeable but  more  than  fair  addressing any  concerns we  had, as buying  a  used car can  be  intimidating. He  let  us  take  the  car  for  the  afternoon  to  a mechanic  of  our  choice. He worked with  my  son's  budget and we  left  the  lot happy  car  owners. Thank  you  Ray for  being  a great  car  salesman and looking  out  for the little  guy!

  8. Anna O.

    Mar 25, 2019

    Bought a great car from Ray (the owner of Canoga Imports) and we are very happy with the entire sales experience. He doesn't push or hover. He is very accommodating and easy to work with. The car was exactly as advertised. No BS, unlike the dozen other lots we visited. Definitely would recommend Canoga Imports to anyone.

  9. toyotatruckliker81

    Mar 14, 2019

    Ray is a very nice man. He comes off as an honest guy. My wife came all the way from the high desert. It was a good experience buying a used car.

  10. Dan

    Feb 27, 2019

    Great selections of vehicles!

  11. Tony LaSala

    Jul 01, 2018


  12. Yang S.

    May 11, 2018

    Ray is great! I looked at multiple vehicles and Ray was helpful and personable throughout the whole process. He's not pushy at all and was understanding when eventually I went with another option.<br><br>Although I didn't purchase with Ray this time, I would recommend his place to friends and family given his honest, friendly sales approach.

  13. Dustin Oetting

    Mar 26, 2018

    Had a great experience and got a really nice car. He works with you

  14. doug randak

    May 08, 2017

    I have two cars from Canoga Imports and I feel I got a great value from both with great financing. I'll be back!

  15. Nicholas Yarbrough

    Apr 15, 2017

    Ray is great !

  16. Marie Mendoza

    Mar 03, 2017

    Ray is wonderful and cars are worthy.

  17. Jack W.

    Sep 10, 2016

    If you want a great, easy and friendly experience buying a used car...this is your place. Easier than buying ice in Alaska. Go see Ray and Hector!!!

  18. Mike L.

    Sep 05, 2016

    Had a great experience buying a car here. I had been looking for a particular model and found the car I wanted at Canoga Imports listed on Carfax.<br><br>I showed up and met the owner Ray. Great guy. Great service. Car was beautiful and exactly as advertised. We agreed on a price and I drove my new baby home. <br><br>It's not easy finding a good car dealer who's not looking to rip you off. So I highly recommend Canoga Imports.

  19. Brandon N.

    Apr 02, 2016

    I just bought a car today and Ray really made it an easy experience. He made the whole process fast and simple!

  20. Luis C.

    Aug 16, 2015

    I've purchased 2 cars from Ray in the last 5 years, the car buying experience was great. Not pushy at all, and the cars were high quality. My first purchase was a mustang convertible. Great car only repair needed was an oxygen sensor needed to be replaced about 7 months after purchase (very common problem I've found with fords) loved the car, had I not been rearended and pushed into 3 other cars I'd still be driving it. After the car was paid out by insurance, I went straight to Ray and bought a Jetta. I've had it for 3 years now and have had very minimal repairs (a sensor known to go out in this model, the original alternator) Considering the age of the vehicle and the ton of mileage (60k) I've put on it, I couldn't be happier. I plan on returning to Ray to see what kind of deal I can get on my next new uses car, when the time comes. For now, I'm quite happy with my little Jetta.

  21. Jessica B.

    May 31, 2015

    I just bought my first car from Ray about 2 weeks ago, and I had a wonderful experience. I'll admit, I was a little hesitant about the whole thing (especially after hearing some horror stories about going to a dealership) but Ray was truly fantastic. I told him what I was looking for and he steered me toward the cars that were most fitting for my needs and within my budget. He never pressured me and was very patient. He makes car buying easy and painless. I'm SO glad I came here! I'll definitely be recommending Canoga Imports to all my friends and family when they're in need of a car. I couldn't have asked for a more pleasant experience. Thanks Ray!

  22. Shannon ..

    Feb 08, 2015

    Today I brought my 1st car. Ray really helped me never pressured me and was honest from the start. Most car sales men sale you dreams while they low key ripping you off. I'm happy i found this place. Thanks Ray I most definitely will be telling my friends and family about you.

  23. larry shapiro

    Jan 01, 2015

    Ray is the nicest and most knowledgeable "car guy" around. I say this after being in the car business for over 20 years! My daughter and I bought a car from him last week and were pleased to have such an extensive inventory of quality cars to choose from. He's a dealer you can surely trust!!!

  24. Kevin D.

    Sep 01, 2014

    Terrific experience here!!  I researched a lot of used car dealers before heading out to buy my daughters first car and they were great from start to finish.  No pressure, willing to negotiate, great car!  My daughter found the perfect car for a great deal.....very happy and highly recommend!!

  25. Courtney M.

    Aug 04, 2014

    I just purchased a newer Mercedes from Ray over the weekend.  It was a very big deal as I haven't had a vehicle since a total loss accident a few months back.  He was very patient and kind.  I didn't feel like one normally does at a used car lot, like you're being robbed.  I was able to get him to a final sale price that I was very comfortable with, along with a reasonable down payment and comfortable monthly payments.  I highly recommend you look at Canoga Imports first before going anywhere else for a used car.  One of the best car buying experiences I've ever had.

  26. Nicole V.

    Jun 24, 2014

    I bought an Infiniti SUV from Ray and he was really fantastic. He had work done to the car before I purchased it, so I was buying something that I wouldn't have to put money into (about $800 worth, plus shampooed carpets). Such a nice SUV, inside and out. Almost looked new. It's a 2000 and had low mileage considering the year. I am third owner. Ray is picky about the cars he considers reselling and it shows. I'm really happy with my purchase. I qualified for a much larger loan, but decided to go with something that I could pay off quickly that was in great condition. Working with Ray was a breeze and I feel very confident in him. Thanks Ray!

  27. Meghan B.

    Mar 20, 2014

    Just bought a car from Canoga Imports. Ray was fantastic. Not pushy or condescending.  I have been searching for the right dealership for awhile and was turned off by the bad sales and pushy obnoxious salesman. This is a no B.S. dealership with great cars. I bought an older car but plan on upgrading in the near future.  And I will for sure be coming back to Canoga Imports. One of the best and easiest car buying experiences I had.

  28. Mike D.

    Aug 21, 2013

    Hats off to the Owner Ray, one of the most honest, non BS Car Salesmen that you'll ever meet. Not once, but twice, he worked with me and helped me get back on my feet. Grade A dude! Going the extra mile is an understatement when compared to the other car lots, New or Used. When its time to upgrade, I'll be headed back to Canoga Imports!